August 17, 2014
  • Obscure Early Bluesmen (Who Never Existed)

    My new book from Brainfart Press is on sale now. You can get the print version from  CreateSpace and a Kindle edition from Amazon image

    You know all about Son House and Muddy Waters, but have you ever heard of Eraserhead Morgan? Lester “Proudfoot” Jackson? Hootin’ Jack Wilson? Probably not, because technically they never existed. The fact that they’re imaginary does not mean that their stories aren’t worth sharing. Obscure Early Bluesmen (Who Never Existed) helps to fill in the gaps left by music historians who refuse to acknowledge the important role played by fictional performers. Inside this book, you’ll find accounts of seventeen entertainers who, had they existed, may very well have had some impact on modern music.

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    October 25, 2013
  • publicshaming:





    "Get off your ass and get a fucking job."




    "I’m a Republican and I damn sure don’t like having to support no god damn welfare democratic having asses that are too lazy"

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    October 17, 2013
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    Some detail shots of the garments I made and wore as punk Wonder Woman! I designed and created (and stitched like satan) every patch on my vest, which were DC comics- inspired takes on classic punk/ metal/ riot grrl patches. My concept was if Wonder Woman was a modern day young woman living in the city- I figured that she’s seen a lot of shit to make her sufficiently angry at society, but she’s also ultimately a fighter for good and justice, so I wanted the overall tone to be in keeping with her character’s moral code, concerns and stances. I wanted it to feel authentic and updated but not removed from Diana’s world, the world of DC characters and conflicts. 

    I stitched the WW logo onto a red knit crop top since I thought it looked most like a band logo. The shorts I dyed, cut up, studded and stitched stars onto… and then a pleasant little slogan on the back pocket (inspired by a back patch on one of Lobo’s biker jackets!)

    The attention to detail on the patches is my favourite part of this, amazing work Mandy! <3 


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