October 25, 2013
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    "Get off your ass and get a fucking job."




    "I’m a Republican and I damn sure don’t like having to support no god damn welfare democratic having asses that are too lazy"

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    October 17, 2013
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    Some detail shots of the garments I made and wore as punk Wonder Woman! I designed and created (and stitched like satan) every patch on my vest, which were DC comics- inspired takes on classic punk/ metal/ riot grrl patches. My concept was if Wonder Woman was a modern day young woman living in the city- I figured that she’s seen a lot of shit to make her sufficiently angry at society, but she’s also ultimately a fighter for good and justice, so I wanted the overall tone to be in keeping with her character’s moral code, concerns and stances. I wanted it to feel authentic and updated but not removed from Diana’s world, the world of DC characters and conflicts. 

    I stitched the WW logo onto a red knit crop top since I thought it looked most like a band logo. The shorts I dyed, cut up, studded and stitched stars onto… and then a pleasant little slogan on the back pocket (inspired by a back patch on one of Lobo’s biker jackets!)

    The attention to detail on the patches is my favourite part of this, amazing work Mandy! <3 


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